Frequently asked questions and answers

How quickly can I get my collage order?

So you have time to have your collage printed XO Memories has a 48hour delivery guarantee, however orders are generally completed earlier, within 12hours or less.

When placing your order please let us know on your order form when you need your final collage completed by and your order will be prioritised if needed.

Can I have more than 15 photos on my collage?

No. XO Memories templates are designed for 15 photos only. Often our customers have more photo’s that they wish to display so we currently have a 20% offer if you order 2 or more boards.

Simply Enter Code: Memory20 at the check out.

What format should my photos be in?

XO Memories accepts uploads of .jpg, .bmp and .png file types. JPEG is generally used for images with blended tones, like photos and allows for file size’s to be compressed for uploading so we highly recommended using this format.

Tip: When saving .jpeg files make sure you save at maximum quality to ensure the quality isn’t reduced.

Why do I get an error when uploading my photos to xomemories website?

We find this error is generally a file size or format issue. Here are the XO Memories uploading guidelines.

Photo File Format: We only accept JPEG, PNG, BMP file formats.
Photo Color Mode: The photo should be in RGB mode not CMYK mode.
Photo File Size: Maximum file size per photo is 5MB. Minimum file size per photo is 150KB.
Resolution: Recommend 200-300 pixels/inch (DPI)

PLEASE NOTE: Anything under 150KB the quality of the print will be compromised. For best final printing result of your collage please upload good quality photos to the site to ensure you get a high quality result. If the images you supply are poor quality we cannot guarantee that your photos will print well.

If you purchase the XO Memories Photo Restoration service we will restore and enhance your photos the best we can, but emphasise that the quality of the photos supplied by you to use in your Memorial Photo Collage Design can only be improved by around 10-20% if the quality of the photos uploaded is low.

My photo file size is too large to upload. How can I resize it?

To reduce the file size on photos depends on your device and operating system. We recommend always saving files in .jpeg format as this is the best format for compressing files but make sure to keep the quality high. PNG format will increase your file size.

From Phones and Other Mobile Devices

A quick way to change the file size with an iPhone is to email the photo to a person or to yourself at another email account. The email program asks you whether you want to send the photo as a small, medium or large file. Selecting the small or medium file reduces the file size. Keep in mind that this isn't going to preserve resolution. The smallest file may be pixelated – meaning it shows dots in the image.

Windows Operating Systems

Open the image in the program you are working in such as Word or PowerPoint. (You can also open it in Picture Manager if you are running Office versions older than 2013.) In the drop-down menu on the Format tab of your software, select "Compress Pictures." Select it and choose the desired resolution or size. Save the file as .jpeg. You can also use photo editing software like MS Paint or Photoshop on your computer to reduce the size of the photo.

Apple Computer Systems

Open the image in Preview. Select "Tools" and then "Adjust Size." A pop-up window opens with fields where you can enter a new image height or width. Check the box to "scale proportionally" to avoid distorting the resized image. By deselecting "Resample Image" before you adjust the size, details are preserved, but the file is larger. Save the file as a .jpeg with a new name to preserve the original image.
You can also use photo editing software Photoshop on your computer to reduce the size of the photo.

What is the size of my final collage?

Your final product is a digital, high resolution, print ready, 24 x 36 inch (7200 x 10800 pixels) poster size collage.

Can I change photo's in my collage after I have placed my order?

Yes. If you would like to replace photos on your collage because you aren’t happy with your selection, please notify us at proof stage and email the replacements.

Can I rearrange the photos in my Collage?

Yes. We do allow 1 round of changes to the photo order only on your Memorial Photo Collage at proof stage.

Do you deliver a printed collage by mail?

No. The XO Memories Memorial Photo Collage is delivered as a digital file link. We don’t supply printed products only digital products as indicated throughout the website.

The digital file allows us to get your collage to you quickly and anywhere in the world. The lovely thing also about your final digital file is that you can then share the file with your family and friends or have smaller versions printed to share.

How do I print my collage?

Your final product is a digital link to a high resolution, print ready, 24 x 36 inch poster size collage.

You may share your link with your printer via email or their website or download and provide the file to them on USB flash drive. Most major office suppliers with printing services can print your poster size collage quickly and cost effectively.

How do I present my collage at the funeral/ memorial?

Once you have your collages printed we recommend mounting the collages using cardboard or self-adhesive foam board (which you should be able to purchase from your printer, just ask for their best options). Or you can simply pin or clip it to a board. Some clients also choose to print their design on canvas.

Can I buy the blank editable template to do it myself?

No. XOMemories does not sell editable templates for customers to complete themselves. XOMemories provides a service that creates the Memorial Photo Collages for you. Our service includes photo enhancement & restoration to ensure you get a high quality result.

Will my printed collage look exactly as it does on my computer?

The colours in your XO Memories collage print may differ from the colours you see on your computer screen, particularly if your monitor is not calibrated. Brightness and contrast may also differ depending on the settings of your monitor. We do our best to adjust all your uploaded photo’s to look their best when printed in the large format.

How do I scan old photographs?

If you want to use an image from a printed photograph you need to scan it to turn it in to a digital image and save it your computer. We suggest that before scanning any photo, you wipe the scanner's glass and the photo with a lint free cloth to remove excess dust. All scanners are set up differently but should have the necessary settings below:For the best results use these scanner settings:

File size: 2000 x 1500 pixels minimum
Resolution: 200-300 pixels/inch (DPI)
File format: Save the file as a JPG with a minimum quality setting of 8
Color Mode: RGB

Can you fix my old damaged photo’s?

Yes. XO Memories understands that some of your most treasured photo’s can sometimes be damaged by time so we love to bring your memories back to life. We provide a Photo Restoration service as an optional extra that includes the careful restoration and enhancement of old and damaged photos. We repair cracks & tears, faded colors, water & mold damage & colorization and make your photos look amazing. You will receive a download link in your final order to your individual restored photos.


I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your services. I’m not that creative and was really having anxiety over getting some memory boards together for our Celebration of Life for my Dad. Once the pictures were decided on the rest was so easy and fast using your templates. Thank you so much for helping us make this really special.

Leslie Simpson